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abstract wall art commissions - originals store - granville st - vancouver

crows commute

crows commute

The brief was to create an original artwork that was mindful of the 
local culture, company brand and used reclaimed materials.

Crows were the main inspiration for this piece. Up to 6000 Northwest crows commute into Downtown daily to scavenge and find shelter. They are also capable of doing something any human can only dream of... FLY!


Vancouver is a city of extremes, with both the richest and poorest zip codes in the whole of Canada. The rich come into the city to earn and spend, the poorest also come into the city to scavenge and find shelter.


I was struck by the commonalities between us and the crows and wanted to express, through abstract shape and material choice, some of the tensions between; diversity and similarity, unity and disunity, equality and inequality, rich and poor, broken and beautiful

ADIDAS art Crow's Commute Granville Street Adidas Originals Store Vancouver

- Initial sketches of potential ideas submitted for approval - Chosen design developed further using CAD - Samples made to test potential material and colour palettes - Final developments worked into a detailed rendering showing chosen materials and colours in context of site plan - Materials: cedar, fir, pegboard, leather, acrylic, mdf, adidas trainers

inital sketch_edited.jpg
ad sample.jpg


ADIDAS art Trefoil Granville Street Adidas Originals Store Vancouver

The inspiration for this piece was the iconic adidas Trefoil logo with some playful abstraction applied within the confines of a circle. Locally sourced reclaimed materials include cedar, leather, acrylic and plywood. Even the playful teal and pink colour combination were reclaimed paint samples.

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