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Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I'm not sure that I am directly influenced by other artists, however I appreciate many artist who work in a range of media. Some of my current favourites are Matthew Shlian, Ben Johnston, Paul Cocksedge and Makoto Fujimura.

What is your favorite medium?

It's so difficult to choose just one but if pushed, it would have to be reclaimed cedar. I love everything about it; appearance (especially when weathered), easily shaped, durability, even the smell! I am also enjoying learning about how significant cedar is to indigenous groups and has been used over the centuries..

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in nature from mineral structures for example. Also from geometric shapes and fragmenting an area using straight and curved lines to create a balanced design. Lastly the reclaimed materials are a great source of inspiration as their aesthetic properties ultimately inspire the direction of my art. 

When is your favorite time of day to create?

I enjoy mornings from 8:30 to noon. This is also when I am most productive.

How is art important to society?

Art is crucial to society and our overall wellness. I believe art brings hope and can speak into complex social and historical issues in a way that words fail to. Art is powerful and through collaboration, can even restore and build bridges between different cultures.

What motivates you to create?

I believe that humans are called to create. There's a passion deep down in my core that drives me to create. I am especially motivated to create from reclaimed materials and enjoy the challenge of repurposing something that is considered 'broken' into something that has new-found value and beauty.

Where do you source reclaimed materials and how are they cleaned?

Materials are sourced from a range of local suppliers and are mostly in a suitable condition to be repurposed as interior artwork. In the case of materials that has been outside such as wood, it is kept inside and left to dry out, cleaned, checked for wood bugs, areas of rot removed. All of this is done with care so as not to lose the natural weathered aesthetic.

How heavy are your pieces?

This varies greatly depending on size and materials. Typically art ranges from 2-5lbs for smaller 12-18in pieces, up to 25-30lbs for a larger 48in piece.

Do you do installations? What does it take to install a large piece?

Yes I personally enjoy hanging work locally. For pieces under 3ft, heavy duty picture wire is suitable. For larger pieces a french cleat is required which is screwed to the studs in a wall or fixed with anchors to spread the weight.

How will you ship art?

Art can be shipped. The type of courier will depend on the artwork itself but standard practice is to make a custom shipping crate that will protect the art in transit. The art is then packaged and picked up by the courier from the studio in Vancouver. 

What is your turn around time on commissioned pieces?

I accept 4-6 commissions each year. Turn around time varies from 2 months for a simple project to 6 months for a more complex custom commercial commission. Once I have accepted a job, I will work closely with the client to meet realistic deadlines.

What do your prices include?

 Prices advertised and quoted include PST (7%) and GST (5%). They do not include packaging, shipping or install related expenses.

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