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new jireh minis

playful - mini versions - 6 x 6 inches - reclaimed materials - customizable


abstract wall art - seasonal reclaimed material - refined pallet to suit interiors


This collection was developed exclusively for IDS Vancouver 2023. The word ‘Jireh’ means ‘provides’ in Hebrew which is fitting for this body of work which was heavily influenced by the reclaimed materials that Vancouver had provided for David to work with in this season. David’s main goal with the Jireh Collection was to build on the skills and styles developed from his previous collection, Mineralogy, which was a largely experimental collection, developing three elevated and refined pieces that were related, yet had their own unique personality. 


Although each piece in the collection has their own vibrant personality, there are many elements that still connect the them. Each piece is a 48” diameter circle divided by straight lines to achieve abstract low poly portals in which to gaze. In addition, the pieces contain reclaimed cedar, previously part of an apiary garden fence that was being demolished. A bold thread that links these all together is the luxury teal Italian leather segments, rescued from a sofa that was headed for landfill. Various acrylic pieces have been trimmed and repurposed from an old exhibition sign, also destined for landfill. And lastly excess plywood sheets were salvaged from the wood bin to add warmth and texture to each piece. 

Story behind JIREH

jireh 1.1


jireh 2.1


Inspired by the classic design of Mineral 1.1 from the previous collection, Jireh 1.1 is bold and beautiful with a pallet that oozes British Columbia. Grey/blue panels are complemented with copper panels. Aged fir from a demolished building showcases an unmistakable patina and coupled with whitewashed reclaimed cedar, completes the West-coast vibe. 


Inspired by mineral 5.2, the most refined piece of David's previous collection, Jireh 2.1 is elegant, sophisticated and has a regal quality. Saje green is complemented with lightly distressed gold panels. White Oak, which was reclaimed from the wood bin, is contrasted with silk grey-washed reclaimed cedar.


jireh 3.1


Experimental in its design, Jireh 3.1 pushes the boundaries of line distortion and colour combinations. Dusky pink is contrasted with graphite panels. Weathered silver cedar is coupled with blackwashed cedar. This pallet achieves a futuristic effect, that is like gazing through a portal into another world.

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