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Suitable for high end interior spaces, walnut, midnight blue, gold, graphite, felt and leather complete the look

Inspired by trapeziums COMING SOON

Artwork inspired by origami crane art

Inspired by origami simple folds and colour experiments

Jireh 2.1 is a stunning four foot circular piece. White oak, italian teal leather and Gold panels ooze sophistication

A set of 3 seasonal pieces made from what the land has provided

Zero waste art, geometric design. Baby pink and whitewashed abstract feather pieces

Inspired by negative space shapes Repetition and colour experiments

Mineral 1.4 is an artwork designed with BC in mind. weathered cedar, oil tanned leather, teal and copper panels.

Inspired by abstract mineral structures Colour and texture experiments

Dark Mountain contains neutral colours to fit in any space. Ebony cedar, leather, acoustic grey felt.

Simple low poly shape and lines exploring blends and tones

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